Accommodation regulations

The client who rents a room also undertakes to comply with the accommodation regulations. If he violates it, the management of the pension has the right to cancel the order.

  1. The pension can only accommodate a client who logs in properly. To this end, the client shall present his / her valid proof of identity to the relevant employee of the pension. It can also accommodate a citizen who has a permanent residence in the place of the pension.
  2. The pension provides the client with services at least to the extent and quality, determined by the Decree of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic no. 419/2001 Coll., Which regulates the categorization of accommodation facilities and classification features for their classification into classes.
  3. The use of accommodation in the pension is allowed only to persons who are not affected by infectious diseases.
  4. Based on the booked accommodation, the pension is obliged to accommodate the client no later than 8.00 pm – by this time it will book a room for the client, unless otherwise stated in the order.
  5. If the client requests an extension of the accommodation, the pension can provide him – if he can accommodate – a different room than the one in which he was originally accommodated.
  6. If the client orders a single room in advance and the order was confirmed immediately, the pension charges the client only the price for a single room, even if he accommodates the client in a multiple room or apartment on his own initiative.
  7. The client uses the room during the time agreed with the guest house.
  8. If the time of accommodation has not been agreed in advance, the client will check out his stay no later than 10.00 am on the last day, at the same time he will vacate the room. If the client does not do so within the specified period, the pension may charge him for the next day’s stay.
  9. The client who stays before 6.00 am will pay the price of accommodation for the entire previous night.
  10. A client who requests accommodation before 12.00 and the room could not be rented the night before, pays accommodation for the previous night.
  11. When occupying the room, the client will check the condition and functionality of the equipment in the room in his own interest and immediately report any deficiencies to the pension.
  12. The client agrees that during the entire duration of the lease, the landlord, maid, maintenance worker or the head of the pension has the right to enter his room for the purpose of performing his official duties.
  13. The pension is not responsible for money, valuables and documents as well as for things brought by the client to the accommodation facility.
  14. The pension is responsible for any disagreements or conflicts between guests, but to the extent possible to take the necessary measures to ensure order and peace in the accommodation and sales premises.
  15. In the room, the guest can receive visits only with the consent of the relevant employee of the pension after entering in the guest book from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.
  16. In the pension and in the rooms is STRICT PROHIBITION relocate equipment / beds, furniture /, make adjustments and repairs to radio receivers and manipulations of television receivers, or to the electrical network or other installation.
  17. The client is not allowed to use their own electrical appliances in the house and especially in the room. This regulation does not apply to electrical appliances used for the personal hygiene of the client (shaving or massage machines, hair dryers, etc.).
  18. The client may not have fun, sing or listen to a loud radio or television program in the room or corridors of the pension. In the time from 22.00 hours to 7.00 hours he is obliged to observe a night room.
  19. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children under the age of 10 unattended in the room, corridors and other social areas of the pension.
  20. Accommodation of pets is allowed only if their owner proves their healthy health and during their stay in compliance with all veterinary and hygiene regulations. The consent of the pension management is required for the stay of pets. Animals are not allowed in and stay in those areas where food is stored, food and drinks are prepared or served. It is not allowed for animals to be on the premises of the pension, including the room, left unattended by the accommodated guest (owner or accompanying person). Animals must not rest – lie on a bed or other device used to rest the guest. It is not allowed to use the shower or washbasin for bathing or washing animals. Inventories used for the preparation or serving of food to guests may not be used for animal feed. The person accompanying the animal is responsible for keeping the night quiet from 22.00 to 7.00 and is liable for any damage caused by the animal to the property of the pension.
  21. The client is not allowed to take in the room sports equipment and items on which another place is reserved for storage.
  22. The client has the right to use all the equipment of the rented room and common rooms. The client is responsible for all damages caused to the property of the pension according to the valid regulations.
  23. The client is obliged to close the water taps when leaving the room, turn off electrical appliances and room lighting, close the windows and close the doors when leaving.
  24. The client usually pays the bill on arrival.
  25. For accommodation and other services, the client is obliged to pay prices in accordance with the valid price list, which is available from the employee of the pension.
  26. Complaints from guests and possible suggestions for improving the activities of the pension are accepted by the management of the pension
  27. A book of wishes and complaints is available at an accessible location of the guest house.
  28. The client is obliged to comply with the provisions of these accommodation regulations from the moment he rented the room. In the event of a serious breach of it, the management of the pension has the right to withdraw from the contract and provide accommodation services before the end of the agreed period.
  29. From the safety point of view, the guest is obliged to respect the marking of the door intended only for the operator’s personnel and also not to insert objects into the openings intended for the maintenance of the building. Otherwise, he is liable for any damage that results.
    These accommodation rules are available to clients in the rooms and the entrance to the pension in a visible place.
  30. There is a strict smoking ban throughout the property.
  31. The guest has the right to park in the parking lot next to the building, which is not guarded by a security service.
  32. When using the kitchen, pay attention to cleanliness and order. After use, return all dishes clean to their place.
  33. Guests are required to maintain order and cleanliness in the common areas and any major pollution of the areas will be charged as a separate item.
  34. A separate fee of 15 euros is charged for the loss of the key.

Thank you for using the guest house and its surroundings as if it were your home.
We wish you a pleasant stay with us and in our beautiful region.

Accommodation rules are valid on 01.07.2021



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