Complaints procedure

This complaint procedure regulates the relations and conditions that arise as a result of liability for deficiencies in the services provided, resp. deficiencies of the delivered goods in the sense of the Civil Code and Act no. 250/2007 Coll

Right to complain

If the consumer finds that the goods, food and beverages sold or the accommodation and related ancillary services provided have an error, he has the right to complain about these errors.

Defects in the quality of food and beverages intended for immediate consumption are reported by the consumer for consumption directly to the operator.

If food and beverage defects relate to quantity and weight, they must be reported before consumption. Complaints due to the quality and temperature of food and beverages must be made by the consumer immediately after tasting.

In the event of an error in the purchased non-food goods, the consumer will exercise the right to make a complaint during the warranty period.

In case of deficiencies of the provided accommodation, resp. additional service, the consumer shall exercise the right to make a complaint without undue delay. After the expiration of the warranty period, the right to make a complaint expires.

When making a complaint, the consumer shall provide proof of payment for the services whose errors he is complaining about.

Responsibility of B&B Enrico Ždiar

When making a consumer complaint, the responsible employee of the pension will decide on the complaint immediately after a professional assessment.

If it is not possible to decide on the complaint immediately or the complaint is unfounded, rather a record of the complaint.
The record must contain the exact description of the service, the time when it was provided, the errors occurred and a request on how the complaint should be handled. The consumer will receive a copy of the record.

Complaint handling
Complaint handling, including the time for professional assessment of the error, may not take longer than 30 days.
If the consumer is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, he can exercise his right in court.

Catering services

The consumer has the right to demand an exchange or a refund of the price paid.
Food and beverage defects are considered irremediable.

Accommodation, additional services

If it is not possible to eliminate errors of a technical nature and if the pension is unable to provide the consumer with alternative services (room errors, errors in additional services), the consumer has the right to
primary price discount
cancellation of the contract, as a rule, before overnight stay and for a refund if the services have been paid for in advance.

Deadlines for making a complaint

The consumer shall exercise the right to make a complaint without undue delay at the latest, but especially until the warranty period is applied.
The warranty period is:

food goods – 8 days
non-food goods and services – 24 months

This complaint procedure becomes valid and effective on 01.07.2021



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